torsdag den 4. februar 2010

Vintagy Belfast

So on my second day in Belast I went out for a walk to explore my new hometown...
In the city centre there are a lot of indie shops with vintage clothes, records and comics - one more lovely than the other.

I stumbled across BackBeat in a backalley, a very neat little recordshop selling secondhand records. It seems like one ot those places where the owner knows everything about every band on the planet.
I shall be looking forward to browse through it all very soon.

And even though that back alley seemed a bit shifty it had another very cool shop; an old candy store branding it self as the oldest candystore in Belfast, still producing Victorian style candy. I will definitely be going down there to try the Titanic sweets - because supposedly "they will make your teeth sink"!

Since a large part of the population are Catholics, there are many shops around with Christian symbols, books and figurines. Since it's not really a phenomenon we see often back home, I find it a bit amusing. Still the background scenary all the churches and chapels provide around Belfast is very picturesque and lovely.

St.Anne's Cathedral is one of those lovely buildings. It was built in 1904 as a Catholic church for the Church of Ireland and has a beautiful Celtic Cross on the North side.
It has given name to the Cathedral Quarter.

One of the things I really like about Belfast is that it is surrounded by hills. Everytime you look up the end of a street you will see the tops of the hills. I am yet to experience a very sunny day here, but at the moment I'm enjoying the sort of fairytale look the clouds and the fog gives the top of the hills.
I can see the hills from my window too, which is very lovely. Hopefully, I'll be able to go hiking up there very soon.

Close to the Cathedral by the docks you'll find what I think is the funniest little impersonation of Big Ben in London. The Albert Memorial Clock on Queens Square was constructed between 1865 and 1870 and is a memorial to Queen Victoria's Prince Consort, Prince Albert. It is a mix of French and Italian Gothic style and was damaged in a Provisional Irish Republican Army bomb explosion in 1992, but has now been restored and looks lovely with trees and fountains surrounding it.

On my walk I found a whole bunch of vintageshops selling clothes. I must admit I have no clue to what streets they are on, but here are a few pictures from some of them.

There are so many pretty dresses and funny little things around those shops, and it's rather cheap, so I shall definitely be frequenting these shops as much as possible.
Also, we have a Primark.. Woop. Cheap, amazing and cheap!
I found this cool jacket I am thinking of buying one of these days.

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