søndag den 14. februar 2010

Everything has been kind of busy. Saturday I went to visit my friend Ally in Edinburgh. Originally I'd planned for my visit to start on Sunday, but I must've looked at the dates wrong when I booked the flights, and so Friday night I realised that my flight was next morning. Luckily he was happy having me over a day early and so Saturday morning I found myself sitting in a taxi going over the hills of Belfast. I wish I could have videofilmed the entire drive, as it was absolutly beautiful. Everything was green and there were snowdrops and daffodils coming out of the ground everywhere. Furthermore there is a lovely view of the entire city and the sea and I enjoyed the talkative taxidriver telling me stories of Belfast and his life so I was almost a bit sad when the trip ended. Anyway, Edinburgh was absolutely lovely! Ally took me on a Rebus tour around the city, which I very much appreciated. Ian Rankin's Inspector Rebus books have captured me ever since my professor in Uni introduced me to Fleshmarket Close and his descriptions of Edinburgh have made me wish to explore this magical city in every aspect possible.
First stop was Arden Street where Rebus is supposed to live.
Next was Fleshmarket Close, an alleyway named after the meatmarked that used to be there and it used to lead to a slaughterhouse. In the book Rebus and DS Siobhan Clarke is called to a pub in Fleshmarket Close because two skeletons have been found in the basement. And it could indeed well have happened. As cool as the close looks, it's also quite creepy as many other Edinburgh closes. Also, a few years back a backpacker fell out of the window of the hostel situated on the corner of the close and died... creeepy!
Sunday we went to visit Ally's dad who lives in an incredible old Victorian house. Ally and his dad watched football and I had a chat with Ally's lovely sister Peggy. After dinner a visit to The Oxford Bar was required in order to complete the Rebus tour. And on the way there seightseeing galore at Edinburgh Castle.
The Oxford Bar was so much different from what I had expected and very cool. It was tiny and with wooden interior everywhere. Sadly my phone had run out of battery so i couldn't take any photos, but I think these photos might give you an idea of it.
The handsome man in front of the sign is Ian Rankin who we, sadly, didn't run into.

Monday was Glasgow day, but we did have time to climb Arthurs Seat which is situated not far from Ally's house. It took us about 20mins to make our way to the top, but it was worth it. It was beautiful and you could see all of Edinburgh.

In the afternoon we went to Glasgow to see Imogen Heap at the ABC. I'd very much looked forward to this event and she didn't let me down. Once again I was impressed by her musical skills and charm and I think Ally quite enjoyed himself as well. She played for a good 1hour and 45 mins yet it seemed like no time had passed when it was over. If you get a chance, do go and see her, she is amazing.

Tuesday we did a bit of sightseeing around Edinburgh and we found the most wonderful childrens bookstore, where I purchased Anne of Green Gables, The Secret Garden and The Adventures of Pippi Longstocking - all for 15 pounds, not a bad deal at all.
And after a curry at the Mosque kitchen it was time to go back to Belfast.

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